Photo by UX Store on Unsplash

It’s just been a week researching for the topics of my thesis this year and it’s prototyping time!
My friends: Whaaat? Already?
me: I know right.

So, when I was doing research and brainstorming for the prototypes, an idea came to my mind.


The first Idea that came across was from the Inspiration from #NoShaveNovember and World’s Tobacco Day (31st May). This made me think about why only “A Day” for Stop Smoking/Tobacco day. Similarly. we have a whole month for #NoShave. Why can’t we have something for Smoking? What about a whole month to Stop smoking? Let’s do it as a challenge!
So, I came up with a campaign for September month — #StopSmokingSeptember.
I really like this idea because most teenagers and people are active on Twitter and Instagram these days and they tend to follow the trends or accept challenges just Like #NoshaveNovember. So, it would be a great idea to try out and see how many people can do this for a whole month or a number of days. So, I go ahead and created some of the posters/posts for the campaign I can run and tag other influencers, friends etc.

Created this Image-I for the campaign
Created Image-II for Campaign


For the second, I was thinking of a playful prototype. An augmented reality filter where when you face the camera towards the person smoking a cigarette, you see the function/damage the smoke of that cigarette is causing to your health, how slowly it is killing you, or damaging your lungs. I wasn’t able to create a filter in this short time, but that was the idea I had.